Assessing disaster damage shouldn't become a disaster


  • Collect information and generate reports for Rapid and Preliminary damage assessments
  • Fully customizable forms and reports for the needs of your state, county, or local jurisdiction
  • Automatically notifies administrators when an incident or assessment is created or modified
  • Estimate damage dollar amounts and aggregate data
  • Advanced geolocation and mapping technologies
  • Affected population data collection
  • Assessor location tracking
  • Take multiple photos or video of damage
  • Real time data processing
  • Advanced Offline Mode capabilities
  • Easy to use administrator dashboard
  • Export assessment data to spreadsheet
  • Secure account login
  • Group and individual messaging
  • Assessment data revision tracker
  • Integrates with most incident management systems

About emDART:

emergency management Damage Assessment Reporting Tools (emDART) is a fully featured web browser based application used for collecting mobile Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA) and/or Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) data after a notable incident or a catastrophic disaster event.

If you are a part of municipal, county, state or federal incident response team or an emergency response team, you know how critical it is to collect and process the information as quickly as possible after a natural or man-made disaster.

To use emDART, damage assessors access the web application on smartphones, tablets and PC's. emDART forms guide the assessor through the process of inputting damage assessment information into out-of-box or user customized damage collection forms.

The sooner information arrives at the emergency operations center (EOC) following a disaster event, the sooner emergency management specialists can evaluate the impact, type, extent and area of a disaster's damages.

Fast and accurate information is critical in order to save lives, protect property and the environment, and begin the recovery process.

emDART enables real-time data and powerful GPS mapping processes by using cutting-edge web and cloud-based technologies. Included are the functions to capture photos and/or video of the damage and GPS coordinates through the integrated mapping services.

In the event that connectivity is lost, assessors can continue inputting data because it is held on the device in an "offline mode" that will automatically upload once network connectivity becomes available.

Once complete, the collected information, visuals and GPS coordinates are sent to cloud-based servers via cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

Incoming assessor information is immediately available to incident administrators or other responding agencies through an advanced situational dashboard where incident data, maps and reports can be quickly viewed, documented, printed and shared.


emDART is an offline capable HTML5 mobile web application. The entire emDART application is built with cutting-edge web standards and is hosted on an elastic cloud infrastructure spanning multiple data centers.


emDART operates as a subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. The emDART application and server infrastructure is delivered and managed remotely over the Internet by inVue Innovations, LLC.


emDART pricing is calculated by the number of subscriptions purchased for your operations area. emDART can be purchased as a combined package for Rapid and Preliminary damage assessments or separately. Annual or multi-year emDART service agreements are available.

Supported Platforms:

  • Apple - iOS 6 or later (e.g., iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)
  • Android Devices - ICS 4.0 or later
  • Mac and Windows Tablet/PC - any WebKit or Gecko based browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 or later)
  • Windows Phone - 7 or later
  • Blackberry - OS 10 or later
  • Any other mobile device with a WebKit or Gecko based browser (e.g., Kindle Fire or Nook Tablets)


We offer a web demo of emDART and free product trial. Contact the sales team at sales@invueinnovations.com

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